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About Us

  • 1Corporate Vision

    Provide professional services to customers

    Create good returns for shareholders

    Create space for employees

    Creating public value for society

    Achieve harmonious development between the company and its shareholders, employees and society

    Become the most influential hospital overall construction service provider

  • 2Company Culture

    Tough and simple, convinced of Shangyi, generous and inclusive, realistic and innovative, elite training

  • 3Corporate Commitment

    Good quality, good technology, fast construction, good cooperation, reasonable price

  • 4Enterprise's goal

    Diversified and healthy development around the main business, strive to become an excellent multinational listed company, provide customers with advanced technology, advanced technology, super energy-saving, ultra-environmental modern engineering and technical services

  • 5Corporate Style

    Serious, fast, and steadfast in commitment, it is possible to ensure that the task is completed without any reason.

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