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Celebrate the 2013 first quarter performance of the company has exceeded 100 million yuan

News source: Release time:[ 2013-05-16 ]

   Another year spring degrees, Heron Engineering Group's frequent news of the branch. Ended April 1, 2013, Heron Engineering Group performance breakthrough 100 million yuan mark. Thorns may block the pedestrian path, but can not stop the pace forward heron workers, 100 million yuan of performance like a lullaby, gently sweet dream heron workers; one hundred million yuan of performance as an amazing lightning, sparking the heron vision for the future of workers.

     Enterprises such as home, family, such as business on Heron Engineering Group of this fertile land, are required for each bud bloom, every life has dreams and hopes, growing every moment Heron Engineering Group, is the company leadership and colleagues force. Fruit of the hard-earned sweat after hard efforts of all employees, Heron Engineering Group tomorrow will be a higher level!

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